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Firestorm Pong Firestorm Pong

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good concept, you just need to run with it!

I never really thought of having the screen follow the ball like that, it does give pong an extra kick to it! The graphics felt great and fit the setting very well, and i can appreciate the "blue" feel alot. Some sound effects when the ball hits the wall, and oyu've got a really good, simple, and innovative game here. I can't really see any other modes with a simple game like this. It's a great time-waster to be sure.
Though it would be nice to select different tracks and playing field styles, it's good as it is.
9/10 B+ Great Job!

Escape from CampHostility Escape from CampHostility

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lovely. Short and Lovely.

I really enjoyed this short game, though I could've done with some smaller hitboxes on the second level. though short, this game was fairly chuckle-worthy, like the sign "just let the bear eat you, kthnx" and nene grabbing onto the bird was funny. Your style is very nice and easy on the eyes, though i could've done with some face animation instead of a copy + paste head. though I understand it's easy on animation time, it's also weird to see happen.
I could've done with a straight-to-the-level option when you die on the bear's level, it's a bit annoying to sit through the storyline animation over and over, but it didn't annoy too much, as it was short. But good! Music fit as well, I'm a fan of dance-type music in games.
The game was short, so this review is too! 8/10, B+ great job.

Pico's Blam Jam Pico's Blam Jam

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I enjoyed it, but it's a bit rough? I guess?

I really did like the game, the movies and satire on the Newgrounds fads was very nice and well done, whoever played Pico was brilliant at it. So animation and sound-wise, very nice and stylish, though the music for the last level of the super flash bros. level keeps playing during the end movie. A little louder than normal, too, so I couldn't hear it first run through (went back and watched it via the menu).
Gameplay-wise, though, it's a bit smooth, yet sloppy, to be honest... the tutorial level was good, though i expirenced a few bugs (blood followed the screen around, when reaching the "borders" pico moved somewhat weird), but was not annoying, still enjoyed it.
David Firth's level was a tad annoying becuase the enemies fell from above somewhat fast and i couldn't move out of the way fast enough sometimes, but a bit of difficulty is to be expected. Ending movie very much like the Firthman.
The "madness" level was quite hard for me during the latter parts, and I never did beat it, so sorry about that. Greneade Launcher wasn't much help. ;(
The Flash Bros. Levels are a good concept, however they don't play well. It was very annoying on the "Master Queef" level to have the characters stop mid-air, and float around a-whimsy. The stamina didn't really seem to recharge itself quite... evenly I guess? I was getting numbers like 100.1203014551253 and etc. It may have been deemed more apt to use a HP bar there, or at least an HP checker for each char (if(_root.mycharHP>100){_root.
mycharHP = 100}, that sort of thing), or it may not have worked for me, i dunno.
Balance-wise, it was odd to have only 2 guns to have limited ammo and the other 2 to not have them, but it was a good play nonetheless. It worked well for the circumstances.

I give this a solid 9/10, it looks like alot of work, there was solid animation and good humor, as well as good gameplay, though not linked together as well as it could have been. Great job.

oh, and back butan plz when pico dies kthnx

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PivotGames responds:

The first 2 things are sadly things I forgot. The super flash brother movies was the last to be added, and we kept having Scene-related problems (scenes got out of sync for no reason). So after putting it in, we were ready to submit and we didn't really test if it was flawless. The 100.1512385390 thing was a same -stupid- thing, there were supposed to be little recharge meters, but we just forgot XD, otherwise I would have just Math.round-ed it. :P And about dying: Please read the author's notes. Press escape to return to the menu. I thought it would be obvious, but most people didn't find that out.. As for the madness levels, try a bit more. You've only unlocked 4/7 weapons, once you get a little further, you'll unlock the AK47 and that'll help you a lot. Also remember: The shotgun is your best friend :)