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The Fat Anime Collab 3 The Fat Anime Collab 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A unique look in on the "fetish" world.

The deranged, somewhat childish nature of the collaboration matches the art quality in a uniquely metaphorical way. While I'm not sure what message your group is trying to get across, I suppose the point is to show what some people would draw as their epitome of sexiness. While myself and most others will not understand why seemingly immobile women are sexy, this collaboration attempts to bring an understanding of these people. FatBadger and co. did their best, and most would say their message is crystal clear.The animation, while using a somewhat "shaky" style, sets the mood in on an unexplored experience, like a archaeologist exploring his first trap-ridden temple. While this is the 3rd of this series, it still feels as fresh as the first. Although the frame-by-frame technique is used somewhat less liberally than the motion tween, it still presents itself fairly well. The sounds are somewhat low in quality, so users who are used to "higher-end" sound performance may be disappointed.
Although it had an overall uneasy feeling about itself, The Fat Anime Collab 3 improves upon the writing and plot of the last 2 episodes, and has overall become much more "presentable" than its younger brothers. All things considered, it's strange subject, explained by a strange collaboration.

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Highschool Blood Donor Highschool Blood Donor

Rated 3 / 5 stars

To be frank...

It was good character design and concept, but the generic "learning film" writing and rigid characters sort of killed it. The lipsync could bode some work as well, shape tweens don't look very attractive.
...why's this in "goth", it doesn't feel like it.

Health Reminder Health Reminder

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm in a new world.

One step closer to happiness.
(Liked the animation. I think somehow I understand it without understanding it.)

Blockhead: Episode 9 Blockhead: Episode 9

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great expirements, i guess?

I'm not really a huge fan of the blockhead series, due to the mostly random humor, but this one was superb is most areas. I like the new designs of most of the characters, but I'm a bit put off by some of the characters with no pupils, despite having a more realistic face. I really dig the conscious' new design as well, I think it suits him quite nicely. I'm sure he's the favorite character, no doubt. The match-up of a cynical older middle-aged man being the counter to the "random" guy doesn't really pair well, but then again I'm not a fan of random humor, so I guess it works well for other people.
Anyboo, the animation was the best in any of the Blockheads, the fluidity is quaint, though in some places it feels unnecessary and over-done, like the final scene at the table or the beginning scene. However, it works well when Blockhead is moving nearly all over the place, like when he says "customer number 2, beep beep". But I'd like to see it toned down just a tad, but do as you will. Overall, the art and animation is quite professional for just one person doing it.
The majority of the music kind of seems to blend into itself, and doesn't offer much variety in terms of pacing and instruments. It's good to have ambiance, but sometimes it can get agitating, sorry. Sometimes it is apt to have places of silence, it seems more natural.
As I've said, the random humor isn't my thing, but it works well in some places, as the series is mostly comprised of it. I would aim to be more "absurd" rather than "random", but again, do with it what you will.
Overall, it's a great addition, and shows off your skills quite nicely in terms of art and animation, but the music and humor doesn't really appeal to me.

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The-Swain responds:

I think I used that difference in a review response elsewhere, stating that "Blockhead's not random, he's just absurd."

A lot of folks do insist that Blockhead's randomness is what they like about him, but I've always had a system for how he reacts to the world around him. It's just like how nothing is truly 'random' in the world in which we live...only the ability to predict things, or the lack of that ability.

In any case, I'm thrilled to have gotten so many positive reviews from viewers who still don't really enjoy Blockhead as a concept, but appreciate the work I put into it.

Also, I agree about the music timing. I thought it was sort of necessary here for reasons I won't go into for want of brevity, but the next episode will depend more on silence in certain parts. As far as I've been taught, silence aids in suspense, and I didn't think this episode depended much on suspense. The next will.

|~Love Us Forever~| |~Love Us Forever~|

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Your anime style isn't really getting me any cool points, but you get props for being smooth in animation. Though i must say it's a bit over-hyped becuase of the anime styles. My speakers don't work at the moment so i can't say anything about the sound.
I'm tired of these weird "love" movies, I don't see why they're popular.
B-, i guess.

SpikeVallentine responds:

agh!!!! you must coem back and watch this again whe n your sound works! But i think you might have gotten this review mixed up with LOVE ME FOREVER, this review is LOVE US FOREVER which are you reffering to?

Reiko - Captive Audience Reiko - Captive Audience

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A little explanation would be nice.

I'm bet you're already tired of hearing this, but I don't really understand why this is on the main page here. I'm sure there's something that I'm missing, or it's something I don't understand, so sorry about that.
I can understand using an already built-up fanbase to showcase a new project, bonus animation, or something like that, but to show it to people who don't know about it isn't really fair, It would've sufficed to provide some sort of explaination other than "Hey, the guy from IllWillPress made this~" and the character's name. And this little animation alone didn't really persuade me to google the name or visit the site, so I'll just leave it lie with whoever likes it now.
It looks like it could easily be done for a weekly sort of cartoon, or another thing along those lines (i don't know if that's what this will be, just saying). It's simple, yet elegant. I'd say to give a bit more detail in the background a bit more, but that may have been because it was zoomed in a bit in the beginning. The kid that looked surprised in the ice made me giggle. I suppose the music fit the scene, though I wasn't too sure of what it was going for. But I like piano-y music.
It gets a 7/10 (B-) from me, mostly becuase of the length and a non-explanation of the character, but I liked the art style for what it was, and the movement was smooth for the framerate. Good job.

TaintedInk responds:

I'm sorry. I guess I thought the cartoon was simple enough not to need any explanation. It was just a short but sweet little gag, and the giggle you got really was the point. So I think you understood as much as was needed, but I will expand the synopsis a bit if it will help.